Coaching is an objective-focus process, bringing you from where you currently are, to where you want to be. The coach does not dig deep into problems but leads to leverage your existing resources and underrated skills. In other words, we work on behavioral patterns, increasing self-awareness and bringing clarity. It is not “Why is that?”, but “What can we do about it?”.

Our journey sets the rhythm of your future actions, it’s about looking inward to move forward.  

Below are some of the core competencies of a coach (complete list here), as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the ones I really care about:

  • Asking gentle, yet powerful questions.
  • Supporting client’s self-expression.
  • Positive, impactful communication. 
  • Awareness-building interpretations. 
  • Designing next steps. 
  • Taking action, moving forward. 


There are many approaches and tools that can be used during coaching sessions. Mine are based on the ”Solutions Focus” method.

“Solutions Focus” is a future-focused approach that builds on strengths, resources, and transferable skills instead of looking at weaknesses, issues and difficulties. Through a forward-looking conversation, it looks at finding positive ways rather than examining problems and limitations. By redirecting energy to the positive, clients feel motivated and energized to discover and embrace their solutions.

With clear objectives, you can make progress very fast.

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